Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Outreach Success (2)

Hi everyone!  Things have been very busy in Iowa, but I am still doing outreach, so I'm back to share more books and activities that were big hits. If you want to read more about how I typically do outreach you can check out my first Outreach Success post.  Today's post will also focus on preschoolers.  For now, let's get on with the books.

I'm really surprised I haven't heard more librarians raving about this book. Monkeys are almost always a hit with preschoolers, and this book has some fantastic interactive elements.  Absolutely every child loved the ending.

Of course, the perfect follow-up to this was Five Little Monkeys Sitting In A Tree with sign language.  Thanks to Marge for making the video and Amy to linking to it. It took the kids a few minutes to catch onto this one, but usually once you got to monkey three they were all pro. 

Another fantastic interactive book. I know some people have been nervous to share this book because of too many kids coming up to tap the tree.  Before reading this book I said, "Miss Liz will tap the tree, and you can pretend to do it from where you're sitting."  It worked great and the kids really enjoyed it and grasped the concepts. I also know people have given kids picture sets so that they can do the actions with their own pictures during the read aloud.

In between stories I did Wiggle Your Fingers, which I originally found in Amy's post. If you don't know it, here's how it goes:

Wiggle Your Fingers!
Wiggle your fingers up,
Wiggle your fingers down.
Wiggle your fingers all around.
Wiggle them on your shoulders,
Wiggle them on your head.
Wiggle them on your knees,
And tuck them into bed.

I finished with a Jan Thomas book, which are always a hit.  I taught the kids the lullaby before we read the book and the loved it.  There were gasps of surprise and sheer delight at the whole thing.

So there you have it.  Here are the books the preschoolers in my town have been loving. Please feel free to tell me if you've had any great outreach successes.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Recent Things Ally Has Been Enthusiastic About (4)

It's been awhile since I was enthusiastic about much of anything.. Let's remedy that, shall we? Lately, I've been excited about these things:


All three of these ladies are amazing and completely deserve this recognition. Check out the current LJ or click here to read all about it. Y'allllllll our PLN is LEGIT.


Credit: E! Online
It is no secret that I love Veronica Mars like A WHOLE LOT and that I was a kickstarter backer and this whole thing has been THRILLING.  It was even more fun that it turned out to be a librarian field trip for me and my friend Callie.



This weekend, my BFF came to town to visit me (HOORAY!) and we did a lot of amazing things that were amazing. Including the fact that we redboxed this masterpiece:

Source: IMDB
Ok, but the thing is that Much Ado is my favorite PLAY and one of my favorite literary works EVER and this whoooole thing was brilliant. I have been excited about this since the news leaked that Joss had done this project, and I was so excited to share it with the BFF. I was DELIGHTED and GIGGLY and RIDICULOUS the whole time we were watching it and Laura, bless her lovely soul, didn't tell me to calm down once. Because my enthusiasm, it was intense.


Also. It wouldn't be me if I wasn't getting enthusiastic about at least one book. I'm enthusiastic about a LOT of books lately, but for brevity, here's an excellent one:

Source: Goodreads
This book comes out in June. Mad props to Kelly and Callie for telling me about this because OH MY GOSH Y'ALL. This book is about teenage girls and hysteria and relationships and fear and holy freaking moly. Pre-order this for yourselves and your library NOW. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

What are Y'ALL enthusiastic about this week? HIT ME WITH IT.