Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Take Your Child to the Library Day!

As some of you guys might know, Saturday February 1st was Take Your Child to the Library Day.  This is something I learned exactly one week before the fact when I was browsing Amy Koester's blog.

We currently don't offer evening storytimes because when we did, no one came.  Saturday storytimes are also rare because I am a one person department, and have a lot of other responsibilities to take care of throughout the week.  Because I found out about Take Your Child to the Library Day so last minute, I decided to keep things simple with two family storytimes and a passive program.

I'm fortunate to have a great relationship with our local newspaper--the editor is always willing to talk about the library.  I asked him to share some basic information about our program.  We also put up posters in the library, and every day on Facebook, we shared one reason why parents, guardians, and caregivers should take children to the library.  A photo of the craft we'd be making at the program was even shared on Facebook!

When programming in winter, or really when trying to leave your house at all in winter, there are certain things that one cannot control.  Yes, I'm talking about it. That four letter word. Snow.  The stuff decided to come out of the sky some time between midnight and one a.m. Saturday before my program, meaning the plows were still trying to get the roads cleaned up when I held my 11:00 storytime.   Thankfully I still had a few attendees.

My library director was kind enough to come in and help with the program.  Obviously, we selected library themed stories to share during this particular storytime.

For extension activities, we obviously sang "If You're Happy And You Know It Read A Book."  Thank you Jbrary for this and all of your other awsome videos!
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We also have a set of cards (made by my director) that feature different numbers of the Dewey Decimal system and pictures of the items that the books are about.  The kids have to look at the picture to figure out what books in that area are about.  For example, 811.54 features a quill and an inkwell, and that's also the one the children always struggle with.

Our craft was really enjoyable.  I invited kids to recreate a favorite book cover or scene from a book and add googly eyes.  As an example I redid the cover of Let's Sing A Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy, but we set out several books on the tables in our program room to help inspire attendees.  The kids really enjoyed having fun with crayons and glue.  I invited them to either take their creations home or leave them with me to be hung in the library.

While I was in storytime, this was our passive program.  I set out paper, crayons, and a list of instructions on a table we have near our new books.  Because googly eyes are a choking hazard to little ones who are looking to stick everything in their mouths, I housed the eyes behind the circulation desk.  One of the first instructions was to go ask for eyes if you wanted to do the craft.  I also e-mailed my staff a copy of the instruction.

I had a lot of fun planning and implementing this program.  I'm really looking forward to next year when I can plan farther ahead and do more.  Did you guys celebrate Take Your Child to the Library Day?  What did you do?

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  1. Fun program! We didn't do anything this year, but you have some fun ideas!