Monday, December 16, 2013

Doctor Who Party

As I'm sure a lot of you know, the 50th anniversary of the BBC show Doctor Who was just a few weeks ago.  I'm a Whovian and so are lots of my teens, so I decided that we needed to have a party.  We regularly have our hugely popular Dungeons and Dragons program from 3:00 to 5:00 on Saturdays, so that was when I decided to have the party.  It was complete with refreshments, activities, and crafts.  I got a lot of my ideas for this party from Teen Librarian Toolbox, so check out their Doctor Who posts if you need ideas. I also have a Pinterest board devoted to Doctor Who.

We also had a life size TARDIS made from an old refrigerator box.  We're unable to use housepaint due to a staff member's allergy to it, but we happened to have a massive bolt of blue felt lying around.  One of my co-workers stapled the felt on and it made signs and windows.  We had to wire the windows on.  The great news is that we were able to use the TARDIS a couple of weeks later in our town's lighted Christmas parade, which was an adventure that really requires it's own post.

We had some pretty basic options: soda for beverages, popcorn, cheetos, but I also made a few themed snacks.  I ordered cupcakes from our grocery store in advance with blue frosting.  I also made Adipose with marshmallows, which the teens loved. If you decide to make these, don't use toothpicks to attach the limbs.  Instead, use white frosting so you can eliminate a choking hazard. 
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 And what are you going to do with the rest of your white frosting?  Obviously, you are going to make sonic screwdrivers with pretzel rods and blue and white sprinkles, or whatever sprinkles you want. After all, it is your sonic screwdriver.
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Activities and Crafts
In order to show t.v. shows at your library, you need to have a particular license, and it's different from a movie license. Be sure to keep this in mind as you plan!  I brought Doctor Who Monopoly from home and had crafts laid out such as a foldable TARDIS and Dalek.  I also put out construction paper, pom poms, and recycled, rinsed out Vitamin water bottles in case anyone wanted to make a Dalek that way.
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 I really enjoyed putting on this program. The teens had a lot of fun discussing Doctor Who the entire time--what episodes were their favorite, if any counted as horror, etc.  A lot of them also got dressed up which made it all the more fun. While this program was a little time consuming to plan, the enthusiasm of the attendees made it worthwhile.

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