Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recent Things Liz Has Been Enthusiastic About (2)

Admittedly, I don't have as many books to list as Ally.  This would be because she reads about twice as much as I do per year. But I can be JUST AS ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT WHAT I HAVE READ!
This is probably my very favorite book of 2013.  I initially picked it up because every person I know who's read it has raved about it, and with good reason.  Ryan Dean West is a brilliantly drawn character and is completely endearing.  Smith's writing is not only spectacular but made me laugh out loud, especially since some of my college friends are rugby players.  I expect to see this one getting some Printz love.
 One type of picture book that doesn't get much love in the library blogging world is the calm-down book.  Once Upon A Northern Night is the perfect book to curl up with if you're trying to lull a child to sleep.  Also?  This one has stunning illustrations.  I'm wondering if we might see it pop up during Caldecott season.
Believe it or not, I have a reason for posting about these three books together.  We are having an AUTHOR PANEL at my library!  As you all know, November is National Novel Writing Month.  My boss and I thought long and hard about authors we know of in the Iowa and Twin Cities area, since the Twin Cities are a 4.5 hour drive away from us.  We decided to focus on young adult and middle grade authors, so we have Brian Farrey, Wendy Delsol, and Kelly Barnhill coming.  If you're in the Iowa area and would like to attend, Tweet me and I'll give you further details.
I have decided to start rewatching all of Gilmore Girls!  I started watching this show my senior year of high school, when the first five seasons were out on DVD.  I remember one time my mother yelled at me for watching four episodes in a row (in my defense, it was Thanksgiving break).  It may seem odd that I'm mentioning this show on a library blog, but considering how witty this show is and how many books are mentioned, it's a great show for book lovers.

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