Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Attending Author Events

So, I am just extraordinary lucky to have an amazing bookstore in my town, Lemuria Books. They're Mississippi's oldest independent bookstore, and I've been going there since I was a child. Not only are they supportive of libraries (10% personal discount! 20% institutional discount! bringing authors to schools!), but they have relationships with so many awesome authors and publishing people that the events that they have are outstanding.  Here's a few recent ones:

David Wiesner!  Talking about his latest, Mr. Wuffles. He talked about his art process, and some of his other favorites.  He's so incredibly talented!

 I had a special surprise at this one: this is my childhood school libraian. She lives in the area and we run into each other at various events and library things. It's so special for me to be able to work with her now! Also you should ignore the fact that I look like a complete lunatic in this picture.

  This is Ashley Elston!  Her debut, The Rules for Disappearing, was out from Disney-Hyperion earlier this year.  She's from Louisiana, and OH MY GOSH, she's so sweet.  She's genuine, and she talks like me! The book is great and I can't wait to have her back next year (she's already agreed!) to talk to some of my students.

 Lauren Kate came through Mississippi and read an excerpt from her new book, Teardrop. Not pictured are the 10 or 12 teens that are spending their Saturday afternoon hanging on her every word.  Also pictured here is Emily, who runs the children/YA room at Lemuria.  She's kind of magic.

Other authors I've been lucky enough to meet through Lemuria include Shannon Hale, my beloved Myra McEntire*, Sarah Frances Hardy, Katie D. Anderson, Obert Skye, Robin Preiss Glasser, Marissa Meyer, Anna Dewdney, and more!

Are you lucky enough to have an independent bookstore in your area, please support them! And be sure to check for author events to the places that you're traveling over the holidays. You may get lucky enough to meet someone willing to stop by your library!

(*If you're really, really lucky, you may meet a kindred spirit. Who makes you banana bread. And becomes a friend.)

In conclusion: go to where the book people are, y'all.


  1. I'm so jealous! It looks like you have met some awesome authors. That's so cool! I live in central PA, and unfortunately, author events tend to happen either in the Philly area (3 hours away) or the Pittsburgh area (2 hours away). Maybe someday I'll get to meet some of these authors!

    1. It's been super fun! I've started looking online at local bookstores/libraries any time that I travel--maybe you'll get lucky! :)