Friday, October 18, 2013

Recent Things Liz Has Been Enthusiastic About (1)

Ally's not the only person on this blog who can be enthusiastic!  Here are some things that have caused me unusual amounts of flailing lately.
Oh, look!  It's Mr. Tiger Goes Wild Again!  The illustrations in this story are phenomenal.  In addition to being pretty, they do an awesome job of setting the tone of the story.  There are definitely some picture books where there's a disconnect between the illustrations and the story, which isn't the case here.  Is it too soon to say I'm hoping this gets same Caldecott love?

I'm always excited about the TARDIS, but right now at work, we're planning for the 50th anniversary of the show.  It's gonna be a party--no, really.  While we can't show the 50th anniversary episode at the library, we'll have crafts, a raffle, snacks, and lots of other awesome things.  I cannot wait.


Patrick Rothfuss has let it slip that The Doors of Stone might just be released in 2014.  I want to reread the books, but they are so freaking long.  Since my current lifestyle tends to involve at least an hour of driving each weekend, I decided to do the audiobook.

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