Monday, October 28, 2013

Recent Things Ally Has Been Enthusiastic About (2)

Apparently...Sad books?

Ok, so maybe the're not all technically *sad* but certainly emotional. I read all four of these in the past 4 days and oh my gosh, I'm a hot mess. I've been crying on and off for 48 hours.  They're all excellent, in totally different ways. Um, somebody wanna recommend me something cute and funny real quick?

The Mississippi Library Leadership Institute.  This is one of the places I've been this month. This was our third retreat, and y'all, these people are amazing.  People from all over the state in public, academic, school, special libraries, archives, you name it. It's been such an amazing experience and I feel like it's helping me be a better librarian.  The major reading initiative I mentioned in an earlier post is tied to this program.  I'm so excited about how excited it's making me.  I'm super lucky that my director is also in this program and she's letting me be creative and giving me room to grow.

When you've been out of the branch and you get an email about awesome books that are waiting on you. Yay Southern authors!

I always love the Teens' Top Ten because I love it when teens have their voices heard.  It doesn't hurt that the number one choice was my favorite read of 2012!! :)

I'm finally back to work tomorrow after three back to back conferences. Hope y'all have a good week!

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