Monday, October 21, 2013

Preschool Storytime: The Circus

One part of my job I love is preschool storytime, and it's part of my job that would be a lot harder to do without the Internet.  When I do preschool storytimes, I like to use themes because they spark a lot of great discussion among the kids.  I often use blogs like Storytime Katie to help me plan.  I didn't see a lot of posts on circus storytimes when I was planning this one, so I wanted to share what I did with you guys

The Books

All three of these books were big hits.  I was worried Olivia Saves the Circus might be a tiny bit long, but since all of the kids know and love Olivia, they were happy to read it.  I think it was also okay because Wolf Won't Bite is a pretty short book, and a good one at that.  If you haven't read Emily Gravett's books yet, I recommend them all.

Extension Activities
For this storytime, I had an assistant create this incredibly fun flannel activity.  Vivian the Librarian has this listed as a draw and tell activity on her blog, but my attendees all love flannels.  They were all so pleased with themselves when they figured out it was a clown.
I also decided to use the Fruit Salad song here, which I learned from Anna.  I told the kids, "Since clowns at the circus love to act silly, we're going to sing a silly song now!"  If you click on the words "Fruit Salad" the song is at 3:12.


 I found this image here.

The kids got to make their own clowns, and they had a blast with it!  I didn't put out a sample--I just laid out the pieces and let the kids have at it.  They did all kinds of things with the different shapes, and it gave us a chance to briefly review shapes while they worked.

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